Top Italian philosophy studies institute runs out of cash

Collection including Croce, Bruno works moved to warehouse

Top Italian philosophy studies institute runs out of cash

(ANSA) - Naples, August 23 - One of Italy's leading institutes of philosophical studies is on the ropes after being unable to pay its rent and with little government help in sight. The core collection of the Istituto Italiano per gli Studi Filosofici in Naples, which houses some 300,000 volumes and which has been praised for its importance by the UN's cultural organization, needs to find a new home. Gerardo Marotta, the institute's director, said in an interview Thursday on website that in order to raise funds to pay the institute's rent he went so far as to take on debt and sell his personal belongings. Marotta accuses the government for abandoning the cause. "The government cut us all out," Marotta said in the interview, picked up by other media. For now the collection is likely to be moved to a warehouse in Casoria, near Naples. The institute's plight has caught the attention of local politicians, who were quick to jump on the government-bashing bandwagon. "I hope the cultural affairs ministry will look to the needs of the Institute and that the regional government will soon be able to unblock funds already allocated," Naples Mayor Luigi de Magistris said. De Magistris said that the city has offered some facilities to temporarily house the collection as well as spaces for research and teaching and added that the collection of volumes - which includes original works by Benedetto Croce and Giordano Bruno - was a source of "international pride for our city and our country". photo: Marotta in his study

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