Italian local taxes 'more than double in 15 years'

Up 114.4% since 1996, says trade association

Italian local taxes 'more than double in 15 years'

(ANSA) - Venice, August 21 - Italians have seen their local taxes more than double in the past 15 years, according to a study by trade association CGIA di Mestre. The overall amount has risen 114.4% to a record high of 102 billion euros, according to calculations carried out by the association that represents artisans and small companies in the northern Italian Mestre area. The report was drawn up by examining Italian taxpayers' filings to regions, provinces and local city councils in the 1996-2011 period. Local taxes totaled 47.6 billion euros in the first year the study examined. CGIA said each taxpayer today is accountable for an average of 1,684 euros in local taxes, adding that the situation is expected to worsen in 2012.

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