Milan evicts 86-year-old pensioner who couldn't pay rent

Evicted families and tenants' union to protest at city hall

Milan evicts 86-year-old pensioner who couldn't pay rent

Milan, May 14 - The city on Tuesday evicted an 86-year-old pensioner who hasn't been able to afford rent since 2012, Sicet tenants' union said Wednesday. The elderly man found himself locked out as a bailiff handed him an eviction notice, Sicet said. The city was forced to postpone a previous eviction attempt when Sicet members occupied the pensioner's home in March. Thanks to the sit-in, the city also agreed to assign the old man a council flat. The city placed the pensioner in a hotel after the eviction, which authorities said they carried out without warning "to avoid another sit-in". Currently in Milan, more than 300 evicted families are living in makeshift conditions while awaiting a council flat while thousands of city-owned units go empty, the union said. Evicted families and members of Sicet, which belongs to CISL, one of Italy's three major labor confederations, will sleep in tents at city hall on the nights of May 29 and 30 to focus authorities' attention to their plight, the union said.

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