Rome August 20

Sardinian family enters Guinness records for longevity

Combined age of almost 819 years

Sardinian family enters Guinness records for longevity

(ANSA) - Rome August 20 - With a big sister of 105 years, and the baby at 78 years old, the siblings of the Melis family are entering the Guinness World Records book for family longevity. The Sardinian family's combined age of 818 years and 205 days (as of June 1, 2012) makes it a world record holder and a legend in the community of Perdasdefogu, according to local media outlet La Nuova Sardegna. Still, it took the record researchers seven years of careful research across five continents to confirm the findings. Eldest is Consolata Melis, who turns 105 years on Wednesday, followed by 99-year-old Claudia, who was seen Sunday in the front row at morning Mass in the parish of St. Peter. Next is Maria, at 97; Antonio at 93; Concetta aged 91; while 89-year-old Adolfo still works in a local bar. Other siblings include Vitalia, 81, who lives in Cagliari, as does the youngest in the family, 78-year-old Mafalda. According to the local newspaper, the eldest sibling Consolata claims to be happiest because she is surrounded by nine children, 24 grandchildren, and 25 great-grandchildren.

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