Monti praises eurobonds as 'intelligent'

'Countries will come round to idea', PM says

Monti praises eurobonds as 'intelligent'

(ANSA) - Rome, August 17 - Italian premier Mario Monti on Friday once again promoted the idea of bonds issued at an EU level, so called "eurobonds", saying that it is "a well thought-through and intelligent proposal." In an interview with the online daily Tempi, Monti added that the proposal also contains ideas which "the Italian government has brought to the European table". Discussing the refusal by Germany and other northern European countries to consider the idea, Monti said: "We have all seen that come countries are not disposed in this moment to give their consensus to eurobonds... (but) they will probably come around to the idea in a while". However, the Italian premier pointed out that such a change in mentality could happen only when the steps are taken towards broader control of single EU member states' budgets on the part of European institutions.

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