Protesters defy police ban on procession as ILVA talks start

Ministers arrive in Taranto to discuss steel mill crisis

Protesters defy police ban on procession as ILVA talks start

(ANSA) - Rome, August 17 - A group of protesters in the southern Italian city of Taranto on Friday defied a ban by local authorities and assembled just as government ministers arrived to discuss how to handle the troubled ILVA steel mill that is facing possible closure. A symbolic procession was taking place along the central via D'Aquino street in Taranto, near where Industry Minister Corrado Passera and Environment Minister Corrado Clini are meeting to discuss measures to avoid a possible plant closure due to environmental and health violations. The government and ILVA are embroiled in a fierce legal standoff with a local tribunal that has ordered the partial closure of the plant until it is upgraded to meet international standards amid concerns it has been generating pollution for years that threatens the health of workers and local residents. The company said closure would put the livelihood of the 12,000 people it employs, as well as the jobs of many other people in the related supply chain.

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