'Armed Facebook racists' arrested in Italy

Father and son had guns, wooden club with Mussolini's picture

'Armed Facebook racists' arrested in Italy

(ANSA) - Alessandria, August 17 - A father and son found with an arsenal of weapons have been arrested in northwestern Italy for inciting violence against Roma (Gypsies) on the social network Facebook, police said Friday. Beneath a Facebook picture of a cardboard shooting target, the suspects wrote "save a target, use a Rom", police said. Police searched the suspects' home and found two handguns, a tranche of ammunition, brass knuckles, a sword, a dagger and a wooden club bearing the image of Benito Mussolini. The suspects - Gianfranco Spinacorona, 46 and Mattia Vincenzo, 27 - had both been cited by police in the past for acts of violence.

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