Italian police clamp down on petrol-station fraud

Several cases of tampered pumps uncovered

Italian police clamp down on petrol-station fraud

(ANSA) - Rome, August 14 - Italian police said on Tuesday that they had uncovered 23 cases of retail fraud during a recent operation targeting scams at gas stations. Officers confiscation of 53 items, including petrol storage units and petrol-dispensing guns used to insert fuel into cars, and some 21,079 litres of gas. In many cases the items had been tampered with so as to dispense less fuel than they were supposed to. The police said two station managers in Palermo, Sicily, had watered down petrol with low-quality chemical substances. Police said they unearthed 356 offenses after carrying out checks on some 2,400 petrol pumps over the past few weeks of intense business for petrol stations during the holiday period. It is customary for most Italian families to take their annual vacation in the month of August, leading to a high amount of traffic on the nation's roads. Nationally, 132 station managers were fined for dispensing fuel at a different price than advertised.

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