Drugs cheat Schwazer was in suicidal 'black whole' says mom

'He told me he was going to jump if he failed'

Drugs cheat Schwazer was in suicidal 'black whole' says mom

(ANSA) - Rome, August 10 - The mother of Italy's disgraced Olympic walk champion Alex Schwazer said Friday her son had been in a suicidal "black hole" in the months prior to failing a drug test and being excluded from the London Games. "If my son was taking that stuff it's because he was in despair. He had entered a black whole and didn't know how to get out," Marie Louise Schwazer told Italian weekly Oggi. When the news became public on Tuesday that her son had taken the blood-boosting hormone EPO, she was rushed to the emergency room for the tension. "He had been suffering from an (emotional) crisis for months. He was afraid he wasn't going to cut it (at the Games)," she added. "Two weeks ago he came to me crying and said, 'Mom, I have a medal, but I don't have a life anymore. It's going to go bad. I feel it. And if it goes wrong I'm going to jump, I'm going to jump'".

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