Only 34% of Italian families vacationing, study says

'Spending patterns changing for the worse' says consumer group

Only 34% of Italian families vacationing, study says

(ANSA) - Rome, August 8 - Only about 34% of Italian families are taking a vacation this summer because of the economic recession that has engulfed the eurozones's third-largest economy, according to data released by Italian consumer group Federconsumatori on Wednesday. Rosario Trefiletti and Elio Lannutti, joint chiefs of the association, said that they had doubts that many Italian families would be able to enjoy the holidays they deserve since fresh data they have available from the tourism industry show that only between 33% to 34% of Italian families can manage to take a holiday. This summer is an "evident decline from the already negative figures of 2011," Trefiletti and Lannutti said. They added that while this will generate some benefits for those already vacationing, citing increased quality of services and strong discounts, it was also necessary to "give the economy a jolt" and the current situation is "strongly conditioning family spending and changing their behaviour and their conditions for the worse".

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