Police take child away from 'parasite' mother

Four-year-old put into foster care

Police take child away from 'parasite' mother

Genoa, January 8 - Plain clothes police officers and social workers have taken a four-year-old girl from a mother due to the latter's alleged ''unwillingness to work''. The girl was taken out of nursery school on Tuesday and placed in foster care temporarily. Judges said that the 38-year-old mother, who has Romanian origins, ''places enormous limits on her work availability'', thereby putting the child's ''psychosocial health and growth prospects at risk''. They added that she ''exploits the girl'' in order to be granted public housing and other benefits. The Italian newspaper Il Secolo XIX, however, reports that the woman works as a caregiver and officially receives 200 euros monthly, plus extra under-the-table, but still has to make use of social services to get by. The school principal said that the child was always ''clean and tidy. And her mother is a good person''. ''Tell me how to get my daughter back,'' the mother pleaded in reaction, sobbing. ''They wanted to assign me a court-appointed lawyer, but I refused. I don't trust anyone anymore.''

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