Top court sets hearing for Napolitano-prosecuters' clash

Magistrates 'surpassed' powers, says President

Top court sets hearing for Napolitano-prosecuters' clash

(ANSA) - Roma, August 2 - The Constitutional Court said on Thursday that it will look at the case of a dispute between Palermo magistrates and Italian President Giorgio Napolitano on September 19. Napolitano last month turned to the Constitutional Court to intervene in Palermo prosectors' handling of wiretaps recorded during a probe into alleged State-mafia negotiations in the early 1990s. The Italian president said that magistrates had surpassed their powers by wiretapping the conversations of one of his legal advisors during their investigations and failing to destroy them afterwards, as the Constitution mandates. Loris D'Ambrosio, the advisor to the Italian president at the center of a spat, died earlier this month of a heart attack.

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