Venice trash island to become theme park

Sacca San Biagio project will highlight city history

Venice trash island to become theme park

Venice, October 30 - Amusement-park-ride manufacturer Zamperla on Wednesday presented an 80-million-euro project to salvage Venice's Sacca San Biagio, an artificial island made of trash landfill and incinerator ash that has been shut down for the past 30 years. The project would turn the island into what promoters said would be a sustainable ''amusement garden'', powered with renewable energy, and divided into three spaces retelling the history and traditions of Venice, from the 1571 Battle of Lepanto in an artificial basin to the Carnival. There will be giant 3D screens, a theater, children's play areas, and a walking trail around the island, open to the public free of charge. ''Of course San Biagio must be salvaged, but it must be done with respect for this city. Venice is not a theme park, and everyone must keep that firmly in mind'', Mayor Giorgio Orsoni told ANSA. ''I have been informed of the project and it raises some concerns, mostly because I believe it includes a gigantic Ferris wheel''.

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