Mayor in Calabria goes on hunger strike for refugees

Assistance 'desperately needed'

Mayor in Calabria goes on hunger strike for refugees

(ANSA) - Riace, July 17 - The mayor of the Calabrian town of Riace has gone on hunger strike to protest the lack of national funds needed to assist migrant refugees in the region. More than 150 refugees, 30 of whom are children, are residing in the southern Italian town after arriving on the Sicilian island of Lampedusa one year ago. "We have not received one cent in assistance from the Civil Protection Department and the situation is drastic," said Mayor Domenico Lucano. Riace, also known for its priceless 2,500-year-old bronzes, is a town with a "local policy to welcome political and other refugees and to aid in their resettlement," the mayor said. Lucano said that he will continue his hunger strike "until a solution to the unbearable conditions has been found and respect is given to the refugees and their families".

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