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Inventor of 'stracciatella' ice cream dies at 85


Enrico Panattoni created vanilla-chocolate-shavings mix in 1953

Inventor of 'stracciatella' ice cream dies at 85

Bergamo, October 4 - Restaurateur Enrico Panattoni, the man who invented 'stracciatella' ice cream flavor, died Thursday night in the Lombard city of Bergamo at the age of 85. Panattoni opened a popular Bergamo bar and gelateria, La Marianna, in 1953 - the year he invented the delicious vanilla-based flavor with chocolate shavings that went on to delight ice-cream lovers around the world. In 1962, he took over Il Pianone restaurant, which also became very popular. Born in Tuscany, Panattoni moved to Bergamo in 1946. His son Mirko was kidnapped for ransom 40 years ago, in 1973, in what was the first such kidnapping in Italy. Mirko was freed after 18 days and the perpetrators were never caught.