Carabinieri arrest one of their own on corruption charges

Former Europol agent suspected of extortion

Carabinieri arrest one of their own on corruption charges

(ANSA) - Catanzaro, July 25 - Members of Italy's Carabinieri police Wednesday arrested one of their own in this southern Italian city for mob-related crimes. Enrico Maria Grazioli, who also served in the Rome offices of Europol, was arrested by colleagues for attempted extortion as part of a wider anti-mafia investigation by national anti-mafia prosecutors based in Catanzaro, the capital of mainland Italy's southern-most region of Calabria. Grazioli is accused of having asked a local mafia boss, Nicola Arena, to force an entrepreneur from the nearby town of Crotone to pay one of Grazioli's friends, building contractor Danilo Silipo, for works Salipo carried out at a Rome building site owned by the entrepreneur. The matter came to the attention of the authorities via phone-tapped conversations related to another matter for which Arena is being investigated. Grazioli is being investigated for corruption in another case involving the building of power plants.

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