Concordia righting restores Italy's image says Letta

'We have turned the page,' premier says

Concordia righting restores Italy's image says Letta

Rome, September 17 - The unprecedented engineering feat of righting the Costa Concordia has restored Italy's image after its shipwreck became an emblem of irresponsibility 20 months ago, Premier Enrico Letta said Tuesday. "We have turned the page in the public image of our country which, when the ship crashed, was one of ducking responsibility, which, alas, went around the world," he told a press conference. The January 2012 accident, which cost 32 lives, has been widely attributed to a reckless manoeuvre by the ship's captain, Francesco Schettino, dubbed 'captain coward' for abandoning ship. He denies the accusations. The global media also used the Concordia as a symbol for Italy veering off course amid political and economic woes. "We have proved that Italians can shoulder heavy responsibilities," Letta said.

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