Giglio Island

Concordia risks not over after ship pulled upright

Gabrielli says pessimists wrong about environmental problems

Concordia risks not over after ship pulled upright

(See related stories) Giglio Island, September 17 - The successful righting of the Corso Concordia does not mark the end of the danger posed by the wrecked ship, Italian Civil Protection Chief Franco Gabrielli said on Tuesday. ''We will call the operation closed when the ship leaves Giglio (Island). Its presence is still a risk, even if there are preventative measures and effective safety precautions (that are being taken),'' Gabrielli explained. Gabrielli hit back critics who said the rotation of the ship to an upright position would cause disastrous spillage of the boat's contents. ''I have heard everything and more,'' Gabrielli said of the various warnings. ''Some said the best hypothesis was sewage spillage (equivalent to that of) a city of I don't know how many inhabitants, with a complacency that always discouraged me. ''Now I would like these people to show up with the same complacency and repeat the things they've said in recent days''. Gabrielli also noted that the DNA of sea urchins would be tested for mutations as one of a number of measures being taken to look after the environmental impact of the shipwreck and salvaging operation. One of the phases of the salvaging project includes ''an activity undertaken by Costa and Carnival to restore the places of construction and to monitor the ecosystem,'' Gabrielli said. The Costa Concordia belonged to Costa Cruises, which is part of Carnival Cruises.

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