Giglio Island

Concordia raising may take 18 hours

'Quality trumps speed' says project chief

Concordia raising may take 18 hours

(see related) Giglio Island, September 16 - The operation to lift the wrecked Costa Concordia cruise ship and turn it upright may take as long as 18 hours instead of the original 12 calculated by technicians. "We had originally thought it would take 12 hours, but even if it takes 15 or 18 the objective is to do things well," said Franco Porcellacchia, who is in charge of the Concordia removal project. "We are not running behind, we are happy about how things are going". Long-submerged portions of the cruise ship became visible to the naked eye around two hours after it began being raised at 9:00 local time on Monday. It was immediately possible to distinguish a one-metre-thick section that was previously underwater and was darker than the part that remained out of water.

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