Vatican City

Pope calls on leaders to be humble, love their people

'Otherwise governing becomes difficult'

Pope calls on leaders to be humble, love their people

Vatican City, September 16 - Pope Francis said in a homily Monday that political leaders must be humble and love the people they govern, adding that the faithful must not shy away from the political arena. "He who governs must love his people because a leader who does not love is unable to govern. At the most, he can act as a disciplinarian, and put things in order, but not govern", the Argentine pontiff said at the Saint Martha's House residence where he lives at the Vatican. Francis added that every man or woman who comes into government leadership "must ask himself two questions: Do I love my people, so as to serve them better? And am I humble and do I listen to everyone else, all the different opinions, to chose the better road?" The Pontiff added failure to ask these questions would result in unsatisfactory government. He went on to use the example of St. Paul, who urged the leaders of his time to pray "for all those that are in power, so that we can have a calm and tranquil life".

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