Ill-treated dolphins seized in Rimini, moved to Genoa

Court orders transfer of animals

Ill-treated dolphins seized in Rimini, moved to Genoa

Rimini, September 13 - Four dolphins that authorities said were ill-treated were seized from the Dolphinarium in Rimini and transferred Friday to Genoa. The mother and her three young were deemed to be in good enough condition to travel across the peninsula, from Rimini on the Adriatic Coast to an aquarium in Genoa on the Ligurian Sea. Authorities said the dolphins were to be sedated to reduce their stress during the journey. The court-ordered transfer came after an investigation by a task force including veterinarians that began on July 31 at Rimini's Dolphinarium. Authorities found that the environment in the Rimini facility, founded in 1968, was too confined, making one of the smaller dolphins ill.

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