World's smallest horse snatched from stall at fair

Charly was ready for Umbrian horse show performance

World's smallest horse snatched from stall at fair

Perugia, September 13 - Police are searching for the world's smallest-known living pony that was snatched from his stall overnight Thursday in the Umbrian city of Città di Castello. The 63-centimeter-tall pony, Charly, was in the central Italian town for the 47th edition of the National Horse Fair of Città di Castello. Police said that the horse thieves snipped a wire fence surrounding the fairgrounds, grabbed the tiny steed and made off through a nearby tobacco field where a car was waiting to speed them away. The owner, Bartolo Messina, from the Naples bay island of Ischia, alerted police when he found the pony's stall empty. Police believe the thieves may be holding Charly for ransom.

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