Pope Francis meets miscarriages of justice delegation

Meeting triggered by fax sent by sister of police-station victim

Pope Francis meets miscarriages of justice delegation

Rome, September 12 - Pope Francis on Thursday met with a group of people that allege they and their relatives have been victims of alleged miscarriages of justice, including coordinator Lucia Uva, who says her brother died due to alleged police brutality. Uva told Ansa she had delivered a file containing documents on 57 cases of alleged malpractice, of which 50 people are dead and 7 still living. The cases, she contends, are similar to the ones involving her brother Giuseppe Uva, who was stopped aged 43 and drunk at three in the morning back in 2008 by police in the Northern Italian town of Varese and taken to the local police station where he died due "from a physical beating". The woman had been called in to a private meeting with the Pontiff after sending him a fax on September 4. She organized for a series of other representatives and victims of malpractice to attend as well, including Ilaria Cucchi, the sister of Stefano Cucchi who died in Rome on October 22 2009, as well as Claudia, the sister of Dino Budroni who died in Rome on July 30 2011. "The Pope put his hands on my head and caressed my face while I spoke. I felt a great warmth and great hope now in our search for the truth", Uva said. "Francesco asked us to pray for him, and assured us he would pray for us". "I would never have expected an answer from him within such a short time frame".

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