Anti-mafia checks carried out at work sites in Pompeii

Police inspections geared to stop criminal infiltration

Anti-mafia checks carried out at work sites in Pompeii

Naples, September 12 - Anti-mafia police from the city of Naples carried out inspections on Thursday in the ancient site of Pompeii in efforts to clamp down on possible crime-syndicate infiltration during restorations. Two contractors and 20 people working on the revamping of three domus, or ancient Roman homes for the wealthy that are a highlight for visitors to the archeological site, were checked. Contracts for the domus' restorations are being partially paid for with the 105 million euros in funding earmarked in March by the European Union as part of the Great Pompeii Project. The EU funding will be combined with matching money from Italy and a parallel project of private investors and businesses to develop areas surrounding the archeological site is also planned.

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