Twins with painful disease seek help or right to die

Letter campaign pleads for govt intervention or 'pulling plug'

Twins with painful disease seek help or right to die

Lizzanello, September 11 - Twin brothers in southern Italy suffering from a rare and painful disease that forces them to breathe through respirators asked Wednesday for greater government help. Otherwise, "pull the plug and let us die," say Marco and Sergio Quarta, 34, who have suffered since they were 10 from Duchenne dystrophy, a debilitating form of muscular dystrophy that is specific to males. The pair have written to President Giorgio Napolitano, the ministers of health and justice, and other political leaders asking for more financial help and assistance with new therapies. The brothers are cared for at home by their parents but want to try a range of new treatments, including stem-cell therapies. They also say funding they were promised has disappeared.

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