Drunk driver without license kills 15-yr-old on scooter

Bricklayer barreled down left lane, had blood-alcohol of 2.4

Drunk driver without license kills 15-yr-old on scooter

Corinaldo, September 11 - A drunk truck driver struck and killed a 15-year-old riding a scooter in the town of Corinaldo, near Ancona, on Italy's Adriatic coast late Tuesday. The 35-year-old bricklayer behind the wheel was later found to have a blood-alcohol level of 2.4, a previous record of drunk driving, and no driver's license. The truck ploughed through the left lane, striking the scooter head-on and breaking it in two. The boy flew into the garden of a nearby house, while the truck drove into a field. The boy was declared dead on the scene, and forensic inspection was set for Wednesday. The victim, Tarcisio Saccinto, would have returned to school after summer break on Thursday. The driver, identified as O.T., was placed under house arrest, and is expected to have a hearing to confirm custody on Thursday or Friday.

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