Govt has 'hours left' says Maroni

'Situation irredeemably compromised'

Govt has 'hours left' says Maroni

Rome, September 10 - Italy's right-left government has only "hours" left as a showdown between the People of Freedom (PdL) Party and the Democratic Party (PD) looms over stripping PdL leader Silvio Berlusconi of his Senate seat after a tax-fraud conviction, Northern League leader Roberto Maroni said Tuesday. "The situation is irredeemably compromised," said Maroni, whose anti-immigrant League was formerly the PdL's staunchest ally. Maroni said he had heard reports a Senate panel would vote motions on Berlusconi's ejection late Tuesday which the PdL has said would trigger its exit from the unprecedented coalition formed in April between traditional foes after a two-month post-election stalemate.

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