Anonymous donor to pay for beaten baby's treatment for life

Three-month child risk being deaf and blind, parents suspected

Anonymous donor to pay for beaten baby's treatment for life

Palermo, September 6 - An anonymous Milanese entrepreneur has pledged to pay for all the treatment needed by a three-month-old baby, who risks losing his sight and hearing after being allegedly beaten by his parents, for the rest of his life. The baby is in intensive care at Palermo children's hospital with a fractured skull and broken bones in various parts of his body. The parents are being probed for suspected attempted homicide. "He (the entrepreneur) told me that he will take care of the child for the rest of his life," hospital director Giorgio Trizzino told Corriere della Sera. "He's ready to move him to Milan. He has offered whatever is needed for the rehabilitation and the treatments necessary, at private or public facilities, with associations, an institute or a children's home. "It's as if he were launching a competition to those willing to do the best for this child, who in this way has found some light in adversity". The anonymous businessman has helped people in need in the past, and in one case he paid the debts and expensive treatments of a homeless person as well as covering the rent for an apartment. The baby will be put in the care of social services when he leaves hospital and they will put him in a children's home and perhaps try to get him adopted.

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