Napolitano 'right' to trust Berlusconi says Alfano

Ex-premier has backed govts not led by his party says PdL No.2

Napolitano 'right' to trust Berlusconi says Alfano

Rome, September 6 - President Giorgio Napolitano is right to trust centre-right leader Silvio Berlusconi not to bring down the government because of his likely ejection from the Senate at the hands of the ex-premier's foe-turned allies in the Democratic Party (PD), Interior Minister Angelino Alfano said Friday. Angelino, also deputy premier to the PD's Enrico Letta, said "President Napolitano's trust is well-placed because Berlusconi is the political leader who has for two years backed governments not led by him or PdL members", referring to Letta and preceding technocrat PM Mario Monti. Letta's unprecedented left-right government, forced into existence by Napolitano in April after a two-month post-election stalemate, had been "strongly wanted" by Berlusconi while the PD was vainly trying to enlist the support of the anti-establishment 5-Star Movement, Alfano recalled. Napolitano on Thursday called on the PD and PdL to avert a crisis, saying it would be "highly dangerous" as Italy strives to emerge from a crippling depression and retain hard-regained international status.

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