Film memoir honouring Federico Fellini shows at Venice

Director Ettore Scola comes out of retirement to recall master

Film memoir honouring Federico Fellini shows at Venice

Venice, September 6 - A film honouring the 20th anniversary of the death of legendary Italian director Federico Fellini is to be screened at the Venice Film Festival on Friday. Italian film director Ettore Scola - with more than three dozen films to his credit, a bevy of awards and multiple Oscar nominations - came out of retirement to direct "How Strange to be Named Federico", which is being presented outside of the film festival contest. The film fondly recalls Scola's relationship with the older Fellini, both of whom spent time as journalists at the Marc'Aurelio newspaper before moving on to illustrious film careers. Italian President Giorgio Napolitano will be present, triggering Scola to quip, "If even he loses time (for this) we're screwed". Scola described the film, which combines memoir with archival photos and footage, as "An album of images, drawings, pieces of life and memories, including confused, overlapping things". "I came (to the project) from a number of years in retirement, but on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Federico's death I have gone back to work," recounted Scola. "To tell the truth, it was a privileged work, with my two daughters Paola and Silvia who wrote, my grandchildren James and Thomas, who acted - the first played Scola as a young man, the second played young Fellini - and the producer, Roberto Cicutto, took care of everything, even making coffee. I've done far more uncomfortable films," Scola said.

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