AgustaWestland signs 170-mn-euro deal with China

Finmeccanica subsidiary to deliver 20 helicopters

AgustaWestland signs 170-mn-euro deal with China

Rome, September 5 - Anglo-Italian helicopter company AgustaWestland has signed a 170-million euro deal with China, AgustaWestland's parent company Finmeccanica announced on Thursday. AgustaWestland signed an agreement with the Chinese-US Intercontinental Helicopter Investment Company to deliver 20 helicopters, including the AW11iKe, GrandNew, AW169, AW 139 and AW 189 models. The helicopters are destined for various uses, including transporting VIPs. The agreement reinforces the presence of GrandNew and AW139 models in China, and introduces the market to AgustaWestland's new generation AW169 and AW189 helicopters. AgustaWestland has sold 40 helicopters to China in the past for purposes ranging from passenger and VIP transport to civil protection, fire-fighting and navy patrol. The Italian State is Finmeccanica's majority shareholder of reference with a 30% stake in the publicly listed defence, electronics and transport giant.

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