Boss of murdered 29-year-old Brazilian woman arrested

Admitted affair and believed her pregnant with his child

Boss of murdered 29-year-old Brazilian woman arrested

Brescia, September 4 - A hearing at a Brescia jail was held on Wednesday to confirm the arrest of the Italian boss of a 29-year-old pregnant Brazilian woman who was found strangled in her office last Friday. Claudio Grigoletto, 32, is accused of murdering Marilia Rodrigues Silva Martins. Investigators said Grigoletto admitted to having an affair with Rodrigues and believed she was pregnant with his unborn child in an interrogation Monday night. Grigoletto is married and the father of two children. Grigoletto's defense lawyer Elena Raimondi said her client would collaborate with authorities, given his spontaneous statements, but as the woman also had another relationship, thus a paternity test is necessary to establish the real father. Grigoletto was stopped by police early Wednesday morning. Paramilitary Carabinieri police found a supermarket receipt for bleach and acid in Grigoletto's office dated the same day Rodrigues was killed. The prosecution believes Grigoletto wanted to force the woman to drink acid and make it look like suicide.

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