Lombardy governor called for Maugeri corruption questioning

Formigoni denies wrongdoing in multi-million-euro fraud

Lombardy governor called for Maugeri corruption questioning

(ANSA) - Milan, July 25 - Lombardy Governor Roberto Formigoni was called for questioning by prosecutors Wednesday on corruption suspicions linked to a health-care foundation at the center of a multi-million-euro fraud investigation. Authorities last week seized at least 60 million euros in assets, including property and equities, tied to a probe of the Pavia-based Maugeri foundation. In recent months the case has also led to the arrest of former local councillor Alberto Simone, the former administrative director of Maugeri. According to prosecutors, money was redirected away from the coffers of the foundation through the advice of businessman Pierangelo Dacco, accused of being the chief money launderer of the operation. The money was allegedly passed through a series of accounts, some off-shore, to try to hide its origins. The seizures were made in Milan and at resorts in Sardinia and Liguria. Formigoni, a strong political ally of former premier Silvio Berlusconi, denies wrongdoing.

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