Vatican City

Vatican daily discusses liberation theology

Latin American pope moves theology of the poor to forefront

Vatican daily discusses liberation theology

Vatican City, September 3 - The election of an Argentine pope has cleared a path for a closer review of liberation theology - with its emphasis on helping the poor in the social as well as religious realm - by the Vatican's newspaper, an editor said Tuesday. "With a Latin American pope, liberation theology could not stay long in the shadows to which it has been relegated for some years, at least in Europe," said Father Ugo Sartorio in describing plans by L'Osservatore Romano to publish articles Wednesday on the subject. The newspaper of the Holy See says it will devote ample space to the writings of the Peruvian theologian Father Gustavo Gutierrez, who is considered the founder of liberation theology. Many in the Catholic Church condemned and criticized liberation theology for its ties with some elements of Marxist ideology. But supporters argue that it grew naturally as a Christian response to the poverty and social injustice that face overwhelming numbers of people in Latin America. "The contributions of Gustavo Gutierrez made it clear to us....(that)injustice in the world remains, and is a factor that can only be overcome with the availability of all men directing their gaze towards Christ," said Gerhard Ludwig Mueller, prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith and a follower of Gutierrez.

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