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Indian Supreme Court postpones appeal of Italian couple

Prosecutor fails to show in court for holiday murder case

Indian Supreme Court postpones appeal of Italian couple

New Dehli, September 3 - The Indian Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday to postpone appeal proceedings for an Italian couple serving a life-sentence in the 2010 murder of their travel companion. Tomaso Bruno and Elisabetta Boncompagni were convicted for allegedly killing their friend Francesco Montis during a holiday in the Hindu temple city Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh. The postponement of the Supreme Court hearing was due to the prosecutor's failure to show up in court. At Tuesday's hearing, which lasted just minutes, the fathers of the defendants, Euro Bruno and Romano Boncompagni - who were present - expressed deep dismay and surprise. Defense lawyer Ranjeeta Rohatgi petitioned the court to set a new date for the hearing. The Italian ambassador in New Dehli, Daniele Mancini and his staff - who are closely watching proceedings and the defendants' families - were also present at the hearing. Tomaso Bruno's mother, Marina Maurizio, stayed in Varanasi to be close to her son and his partner Elisabetta. The High Court of Allahabad had rejected Bruno and Compagni's petition for an appeal last October, but hopes were raised in February when the Indian Supreme Court accepted the request for appeal. Indian authorities arrested and tried Tomaso Bruno from the northern town of Albenga and Elisabetta Boncompagni from Turin in February 2010 after discovering their travel companion, Francesco Montis, dead in a hotel room the three had been sharing in Varanasi. Montis was found strangled in what investigators believe was a ''love triangle'' gone wrong.

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