Giulia Ligresti plea bargains 2 yrs 8 mo in Fonsai probe

Ligresti also to pay 20,000 euro fine and forfeit assets

Giulia Ligresti plea bargains 2 yrs 8 mo in Fonsai probe

Turin, September 3 - Giulia Maria Ligresti, a daughter of a fallen patriarch of an Italian insurance and real estate dynasty, plea bargained her sentence for involvement in the Fonsai insurance probe to two years and eight months plus a 20,000 euro fine in a Turin court on Tuesday. In a deal approved by the Turin court, Ligresti also agreed hand over her real estate stakes in the Pegaso company and insurance policies. The value of these assets were not quantified during the hearing but sources close to the investigation estimate they are worth several million euros. The Ligresti family are the former majority owners of the Fonsai and Milano Assicurazioni insurance companies. Giulia was among three members of the Ligresti family arrested in July for alleged involvement in cooking the books at Fonsai to the tune of 600 million euros in the 2010 balance sheet. Salvatore Ligresti, the family patriarch and former honorary chairman of Fonsai, was put under house arrest along with two former executives from the insurance company. Two of Ligresti's children, Ionella and Giulia Ligresti, were arrested along with a former managing director of the company, Emanuele Erbetta. An arrest warrant was also issued for a third child of Salvatore Ligresti, Gioacchino Paolo Ligresti, who is currently in Switzerland. In August, Italian police seized over 250 million euros in assets from the Ligresti family, including luxury hotels from the Atahotels chain in Turin and Milan, bank accounts and insurance policies. Fonsai is seeking 32 million euros in damages from the former majority shareholders in addition to a 245-million-euro payout approved in March.

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