Court upholds 2, overturns 8 of Genoa G8 rioters' sentences

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Court upholds 2, overturns 8 of Genoa G8 rioters' sentences

(ANSA) - Rome, July 13 - The Italian Court of Cassation on Friday upheld the sentences of two anti-globalists but overturned those of the remaining eight previously found guilty of destruction and looting at the Group of Eight summit in Genoa in 2001. Five of those on trial saw their sentences for inciting a riot overturned and were referred to the Appeals Court of Genoa for review. Another four, earlier found guilty for possession of Molotov cocktails, had their sentences overturned without review, with sentences reduced by nine to 12 months. One of those on trial, Luca Finotti, had been sentenced in both categories. Ines Morasca, sentenced to six and a half years, and Alberto Funaro, sentenced to 10, both had their sentences upheld. The ruling by Italy's highest court of appeals comes 11 years after violence marred the northern town of Genoa during three days of protests when more than 300,000 demonstrators converged for the G8 summit. Amid violence that marred the three-day event, a police officer killed a 23-year-old protester. The incidents scarred the northwestern Italian city and led to long-running court cases against demonstrators charged with criminal damage and police accused of brutality. Last week the Cassation Court upheld convictions of police heads involved in the brutal beatings of protesters, upholding the findings of a lower appeals court two years ago.

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