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Church and society should work together, says Pope Francis

Pontiff sends letter to Inter-Christian Symposium in Milan

Church and society should work together, says Pope Francis

Vatican City, August 30 - Ecclesiastical authorities and secular powers should "work together for the overall good of the community," Pope Francis said on Friday in a letter to the Inter-Christian Symposium being held in Milan. "Civil power, however, finds limits before the law of God," he wrote. The symposium, with the theme "The Life of Christians and Civil Power. Historical Issues and Current Prospects in the East and West" is focusing on the 1700th anniversary of the Edict of Milan, the decree that granted freedom of worship to Christians throughout the Roman Empire. Emperor Constantine I issued the decree in the city of Milan in February 313 and eight years later declared Christianity the empire's state religion. "The historic decision opened new avenues for spreading the Gospel and contributed to the birth of European civilization," said the pope.

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