Roma living in state-run camp ask for integration

Group writes to Rome mayor appealing for rights

Roma living in state-run camp ask for integration

Rome, August 30 - Some 150 Roma living in state-run camps in Italy's capital sent an appeal to Rome's mayor, Ignazio Marino, on Friday asking to be allowed to integrate with the rest of the city. "We do not want to live in a ghetto, we don't want to be in camps. We want to integrate..," the letter read. The Roma are living in the Castel Romano camp some 25 kilometers from Rome's city center. "Dear mayor, we are citizens of this city where we have lived for 30 years," said the letter signed by the community spokesman, Sandor Dragan Trajlovic, and presented by the human rights group 21 Luglio. "We are proud to be Italian and European citizens. We are Rom, we believe in inclusion and dream of being allowed to be citizens of this city to all effects. "For this we ask you to listen to our wishes to be treated as citizens like everyone else, without discrimination or being ghettoized," the letter said.

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