Trouble in parliament for IMU decree, a Renzi advisor warns

PD Deputy calls it 'Robin Hood turned upside down', vows changes

Trouble in parliament for IMU decree, a Renzi advisor warns

Rome, August 30 - A Chamber deputy and economic advisor to Matteo Renzi - a rising figure in Italy's centre left - predicted trouble in parliament for a decree meant to roll back the IMU property tax, passed by the cabinet of ministers on Wednesday. In an interview with La Republica newspaper published Friday, Democratic Party (PD) Deputy Yoram Gutgeld called the IMU decree, which eliminates taxes on first homes and agricultural land, "a Robin Hood operation turned upside down". "It takes from the poor to give to the rich. (It is) a concession to the populist right," said Gutgeld. "I would have a very hard time voting for the part about the IMU as it is. I will make an effort to try to change it in parliament," Gutgeld continued. Gutgeld called the IMU reform decree "a grave political error by the PD". "Until last Tuesday, we said, with common sense, that the tax should be modified, but left for the richest in any case. Then on Wednesday, there was an inexplicable aboutface. Berlusconi won. We have contributed to building his (next) electoral campaign," Gutgeld concluded. Eliminating the IMU was a major campaign promise made by ex-premier Silvio Berlusconi in Italy's last parliamentary elections held February 24-25, which saw a weakened centre-right surge back to second place. The PdL has made honoring that campaign promise a condition for participating in Italy's unprecedented right-left coalition government. The PdL has since become Italy's single most popular political party, with 27.9% voter support, according to a survey conducted by online pollster SWG for RAI 3 released Friday. The centre-left Democratic Party (PD), instead, sank one and a half points to 24%.

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