Tenants warn IMU replacement will spur evictions

'Renters will pay 1,000 more a year'

Tenants warn IMU replacement will spur evictions

Rome, August 29 - Italians who rent their homes will be unfairly hit by the replacement for a home-owners' tax that tenants will have to pay too, an association warned Thursday. "The new Service Tax will bump up tenants' costs by 1,000 euros a year," said the Union of Italian Tenants. This would heighten the wave of evictions already sweeping Italy, it said, given that 80% of evictions are because of unpaid rent. Student groups added that the new tax, which will supersede the controversial IMU from next year, would make it much harder for students in digs to get by. The government responded by saying that the tax would be "modulated" to lessen the impact on renters and two billion euros of the estimated five billion euros in Service Tax revenue would be set aside to help them. It also said the tax might be different after parliamentary debate on next year's budget, in which it is included.

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