Healthy turkeys culled in bird flu probe

Producers agree to kill as many as 65,000 turkeys to avoid flu

Healthy turkeys culled in bird flu probe

Cesena, August 28 - As many as 65,000 turkeys thought to be healthy were killed Wednesday to avoid an outbreak of avian flu. The preventative culling was carried out on a turkey farm in the area of Portoverrara di Portomaggiore in Ferrara province of central Italy, and was ordered to prevent the virus from possibly taking hold there. The mayor issued the order after an outbreak at a different farm a few days ago in the same area. Health officials said Monday that some 220,000 egg-laying hens on farms near the Veneto city of Rovigo were suspected of being at high risk for bird flu and would be slaughtered. That operation followed a new outbreak of bird flu detected at a farm not far from the town of Ostellato last Friday. The outbreaks have not posed any human risk, health authorities have said.

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