Shooter confesses 'I lost my head'

Rampage in Italy leaves one dead, four injured

Shooter confesses 'I lost my head'

Avellino, August 27 - An unemployed security guard said Tuesday that he "lost his head" before he went on murderous rampage against his neighbours that ended with the death of a 44-year-old father and injuries to other family members. "I wanted to permanently settle a score with Vincenzo Sepe, but then I lost my head and I began firing wildly," Domenico Aschettino, 40, told authorities Tuesday. He was being interrogated for a shooting spree late Sunday in the town of Lauro near Naples that ended in the death of Sepe and the wounding of four of the victim's relatives. A fight over road access appears to have been the last straw in longstanding tensions between Aschettino and the Sepe family. The investigating judge asked for a psychiatric report on Aschettino, who faces a charge of murder and several counts of attempted murder. Media reports say the victim's pregnant 19-year-old daughter was among those injured in the shooting spree. Aschettino reportedly fired three bullets into the abdomen of Sepe's 21-year-old son, and hit Sepe's mother-in-law in the leg. Sepe's son-in-law, also present, managed to escape without injury.

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