Olive oil labels must be better regulated by EC, says Italy

Quality is cornerstone for country's agro-product image

Olive oil labels must be better regulated by EC, says Italy

(ANSA) - Rome, July 27 - Italy's Ministry of Agriculture is asking the European Commission in Brussels to better regulate source information on the labels of bottles of olive oil. Italy wants to be sure that operators are complying with EU labelling rules that require information regarding the origin of the oil be clearly stated and easy to understand. "Olive oil is a symbol of the Italian agro-products...(and) Italian growers understandably require a recognition for the quality of their product, which is not always remunerated by the market," said Italian Agriculture Minister Mario Catania. Italian producers struggle to be properly paid for the quality products, and therefore labelling that clearly distinguishes great oil from poor imposters is very important, said the minister. The European Commission has been deliberating the issue of labelling.

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