Row with neighbors sparks man's murder rampage near Naples

Unemployed security guard shoots and kills father, injures 3

Row with neighbors sparks man's murder rampage near Naples

Avellino, August 26 - An unemployed security guard confessed to a murderous rampage against his neighbors in the town of Lauro near Naples, in which he shot and killed a 44-year old father and injured three family members, including the victim's pregnant 19-year old daughter, the newspaper La Repubblica reported on Monday. A fight over road access appears to have been the last straw in longstanding tensions between Domenico Aschettino, 40, and his neighbours, the Sepe family. Aschettino launched his attack by screaming outside the Sepe home Saturday evening, provoking the family to go out into the yard. Then Aschettino started to fire, killing the head of the family, Vincenzo Sepe, 44, and shooting three bullets into the abdomen of Sepe's 21-year old son, according to investigators. Schettino then shot Sepe's pregnant 19-year old daughter in the head, and hit Sepe's mother-in-law in the leg. Sepe's son-in-law, also present, managed to escape without injury. The daughter, Carolina Sepe, and the son, Orlando, are both in serious condition. Aschettino turned himself in to the police of his hometown in Quindici. Investigators are assessing charges of premeditated murder and attempted multiple murder.

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