Ferrari chairman's 3-year-old hospitalized for burns

Boiling water spilled aboard yacht

Ferrari chairman's 3-year-old hospitalized for burns

Ragusa, August 22 - The three-year old son of Ferrari Chairman Luca Cordero di Montezemolo on Thursday was in the intensive-care unit of a hospital burn centre in Sicily after suffering an accident on the family yacht. Late Wednesday, the boy spilled a pot of boiling water aboard the Mahraba yacht, moored in the Ragusa tourist marina in southern Sicily. The boy was rushed by ambulance to the Ragusa emergency room, where his burns were judged severe enough to airlift him to a specialized burn-centre in the city of Catania. A doctor at the Cannizzaro hospital where the toddler is being treated said he does not appear to be in serious condition, but will remain in intensive care in a sterile environment for about a week. The boy suffered first and second degree burns on roughly 10% of his body - on his back, his side and his left arm and forearm. Both mother and father are at the boy's bedside.

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