Disgruntled postman charged with shooting boss near Naples

Suspect captured after firing shots inside post office, fleeing

Disgruntled postman charged with shooting boss near Naples

(ANSA) - Naples, July 30 - A disgruntled postal worker was arrested after allegedly shooting his boss three times at a post office in the town of Torre del Greco near Naples Monday morning. According to witnesses, a man fired three shots inside the post office on the central Via Vittorio Veneto before fleeing. Police gave chase and several hours later arrested Cristofaro Gaglione, 59. Reports suggest the pistol used to shoot the female director of the post office, who was hit in the throat and chest, was legally owned. Gaglione had reportedly argued with his supervisor over a job transfer. Anna Iozzino, who is in serious condition and has undergone emergency surgery, was reportedly shot before terrified colleagues during a morning meeting.

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