Vatican City

Pope says there is no peace without dialogue

'All problems due to lack of discourse'

Pope says there is no peace without dialogue

Vatican City, August 21 - There can be no peace without dialogue, Pope Francis said on Wednesday during a meeting with a group of 200 Japanese students visiting Rome and the Vatican. "It is dialogue that makes peace," the pontiff added during an impromptu speech to the students from the Seibu Gauken Bunri junior high school in Tokyo and their 15 teachers. "All wars, all fights, all problems that are not solved and continue are due to lack of dialogue," the pope said. "When there is a problem, dialogue: this makes peace". The pontiff also spoke about dialogue among cultures and "mildness", which he defined as "the ability to ask smart questions: Why do you think in this way? Why is this culture doing this? Listening to others and then talking, first listening and then talking, this is mildness".

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