Government studying measure to resolve 'esodati' problem

20-30,000 people still left without job or pension

Government studying measure to resolve 'esodati' problem

Rimini, August 20 - The government is considering a measure to "resolve once and for all a problem which still concerns some 20-30,000 people" left without a job or pension after a change in retirement laws, Labour Minister Enrico Giovannini said on Tuesday. The so-called 'esodati', or exiled, are ex-employees who accepted severance packages ahead of retirement to help companies downsize during the crisis but have not received any benefits. They are also ineligible to receive a pension as they chose to quit before the minimum retirement age, which was raised at the start of last year. "Alternative solutions" are instead being studied for workers who lost a job before retirement age and have little chance of finding a new job, said Giovannini. The previous government of Mario Monti helped some 130,000 esodati but state pensions agency INPS tallied them as 390,000, a number then Labour Minister Elsa Fornero dismissed as "way too high".

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