Parents ask public to help find missing twins

Police search for 30-year-old suspect

Parents ask public to help find missing twins

(ANSA) – Rome, August 19 – The parents of six-year-old twin boys who went missing in Rome Monday have appealed to the public for help in the search as police pursue a suspect with ties to the family. "We've authorized the publication of their photos, which we hope will be spread around as much as possible," said the parents of Alexander and Sebastian Caiuteanu. The couple, from Romania, said the boys went missing during an Orthodox church function. "They were playing with some other children their age. After 10 minutes we turned to get them but they were no longer there," said the father. Police were looking for a 30-year-old suspect with short dark hair and dark eyes who attended the same church. Members described him as a construction worker with a blackbelt in judo. "He's strange but we never thought he was dangerous," one police witness told ANSA. Police were also following up on reports that two other children were currently under the care of the suspect.

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